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 Getting sleeved tomorrow 😳

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PostSubject: Re: Getting sleeved tomorrow 😳   Tue 13 Dec 2016, 4:54 am

I'm booked in at the Mater on Friday with Dr Taylor. áI cant wait. áI'm excited and nervous and looking forward to a new life.

How are you going now? á How was your recovery? áHow was the op?
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PostSubject: Re: Getting sleeved tomorrow   Thu 08 Dec 2016, 11:35 am


Hope everything went well with your surgery.
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Part of the furniture

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PostSubject: Re: Getting sleeved tomorrow 😳   Thu 01 Dec 2016, 12:28 pm

you can do it without anyone at work knowing.
Dont worry about that part!

Just tell people your on a low card or no carb diet, and that you did optifast to kick off your new eating plan.
Its your business, no-one else's.

Good luck with the surgery, and see you on the sleeved side.
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Sydney Sleever

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PostSubject: Getting sleeved tomorrow 😳   Thu 01 Dec 2016, 12:02 am

Hello to who ever is still active on this site.

My name is Ellen, I'm 40yo and live in Sydney.

I am going in for surgery tomorrow at The Mater with Dr Taylor, through the Oclinic.

My fiancÚ has taken tomorrow off to be with me and I'll have them home with me until Wednesday.

I won't be going back to my office job until Monday the 12th and am hoping that's enough time to heal enough.

I'll have a couple of days at home alone.

I have only told my immediate family and hell will freeze over before I would tell anyone in my workplace.

I'm hoping I can pull off healing without anyone noticing.

Any suggestions/ advice will be welcomed.

I hope to hear from someone on here soon 😊
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Getting sleeved tomorrow 😳
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