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 Nervy Newbie!

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PostSubject: Re: Nervy Newbie!   Tue 03 Jan 2017, 2:47 pm

I have an overweight son in his 20's and i would rather not recommend it just yet. I don't know the stats on long term really -- I am 3 years out, and am a postcard for a complete failure. I am back to surgery weight. Also needing iron infusions as now aneamic, iron deficient, and i feel very malnourished despite my weight increase. I eat rubbish and I know it, its easier to get down. I struggled with my brain and haven't yet been able to change it. I know there is higher incidence of osteoporosis and depression and alcoholism after surgery, also reflux which i just saw another post about there being a huge increase in oesopheagal cancer from the reflux. You could probably lose all you need in the first 6 months - its after that, long term, that really needs to be considered. I don't like to sound negative as my surgerywent well and  so far saved my life, so i basically had nothing left to lose. However, i am looking at all the usual diet things again, the same struggle as before, but with all the extra side effects. We are all different, if you can stay positive, not fall into the traps, and are able to change then the sleeve is a wonderful tool.  I also have polycystic ovaries and hashimotos. If I was overeating on salmon salad everyday then i wouldn't gain weight. But if overating on salmon salad was my problem, then i wouldn't have needed the sleeve. All the best with your decision. Whatever you decide to do, do it well and forever.
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PostSubject: Nervy Newbie!   Tue 08 Nov 2016, 11:51 am

Hi everyone!

After a life time of struggling with weight and PCOS I am booked in for a gastric sleeve with Dr Talbot in Sydney in a month! I am quietly freaking out today and would love some thoughts and advice :)

I'm 28 and have a relatively low (I'm told?) BMI of 34. I'd love to hear from any members who are in their 20s/early 30s or have a similar BMI and have gone through with the surgery. I'm also curious as to fellow PCOS sufferers experiences post-op.

I live in Melbourne but I am from Sydney so having the surgery up there - if anyone has some recommendations for dietitians in Melbourne for aftercare I'd love to hear them.

I'm particularly nervous about long-term effects. Some days I feel like I'm jumping into a really big decision and even though I have multiple family members in medicine everyone's advice is really emotional or political or otherwise not very useful.

<3 Lonnie
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Nervy Newbie!
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