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PostSubject: Re: Psychologists?   Fri 11 Mar 2016, 3:07 pm

Hi KateyOverWeighty

Thank you for your reply. Before I started the whole process i read everywhere that its compulsory to see a psychologist so was a bit taken back when i didn't HAVE to see one. Its been on my mind lately about whether or not i should but like you said food being such a HUGE part of our lives its hard to believe there would be no kind of set back.

Ive read that people go through the "oh my god what i have done" stage and that freaks me out a little bit. I mean in my mind i think theres no point being "skinny" if you can't handle things mentally if that makes sense. Even with not seeing a psychologist i thought they would maybe even suggest it but there was nothing. I just thought it was odd.

Anything you can share would be much appreciated! I guess come Monday ill start looking for a psychologist!
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PostSubject: Re: Psychologists?   Fri 11 Mar 2016, 12:28 am

It's expensive but invaluable. If you have spent your life leaning on something that very soon won't be there, it can send the rest of your life into turmoil. A high percentage of relationships can be affected by it. I hear people say all the time 'I am not worried about my marriage' but I think that is naive. A lot of us have been addicts with food and just like other addictions we use food as a crutch and a soother... if we rely on something then, and have done for a long time, how do we know who we are without it? How do our partners or friends know who we are?

I'd rather be unnecessarily worried about my relationships and pre-empt any upheaval.. learn to recognise it for what it is when it arises... than to not worry and be surprised when shit falls apart.

I have been to see a bariatric psychologist and can actually share the points you need to think about if you like.... it'll save you some cash haha
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PostSubject: Psychologists?   Thu 10 Mar 2016, 11:10 am

Hi all, I'm booked in for the 20th May. Other stories i have come across I've seen that seeing a psychologist is a must. Seeing one in my case isn't. I was wondering if i should book into to see one myself. Im not sure what they do and whether its necessary but I would say that this is going to be a big thing to get used to considering how much food is apart of my life. Does anyone who has been to one think that its an important part of the process?
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