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 Almost ready to sleeve.

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PostSubject: Re: Almost ready to sleeve.   Fri 11 Mar 2016, 3:11 pm

Hi Maggiemoo

Oh thats awesome to hear that theres someone who is getting sleeved by the same dr and who has seen the same people I have.

Yeah the dietician made me feel really iffy, i can't explain it but she was really odd. Good thing my partner was there with me or i could have possibly just walked out :-/

Have only seen the dr once and one more time before surgery. Extremely scared outta my brains lol but like you very excited to get this new journey started!!!! Tired of over eating and feeling like heffa. Ready for change!!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Almost ready to sleeve.   Fri 11 Mar 2016, 5:31 am

Hi Bronwyn31
I too am getting sleeved by Dr Harsha Chandarantna he is absolutely lovely as is Janet but I too wasn't too impressed with the Dietician I actually saw other woman last year when I first decided to have it done and she was amazing I was wondering wether it is worth mentioning it to Harsha as she is not very helpful at all and could put people off.
I have a friend who Harsha sleeved last year and he looks amazing and said how wonderful he was I did actually go and see another surgeon but didn't like him at all so that is why I decided to go with Harsha, he actually reminds me a bit of an Eveready bunny.
I have my surgery on the 21st March...scared but very excited as well...
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PostSubject: Re: Almost ready to sleeve.   Wed 02 Mar 2016, 8:59 pm

Hi Bronwyn,

Just to let you know that your fear is common! I was TERRIFIED of dying on the table. The last thing I said to my surgeon was, "Don't kill me!" and he said, "You're not going to die. Don't worry."

I was sleeved 16 days ago and so far I have been lucky and had a dream run.  The first 6 hours after surgery I was in a lot of pain (although I have say I was sleeping for some of that time - but it took about 6 hours to get the right combination of drugs to keep me comfortable.) Other than that I really haven't had many problems. I had existing issues to content with - adhesions from previous surgery and a hiatus hernia, but everything still went fine.

I am so happy I made this decision and that I went through with it.

Good luck for your surgery. May will be here before you know it!

L x
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PostSubject: Almost ready to sleeve.   Wed 02 Mar 2016, 2:10 pm

Hi guys.

So my sleeve date is creeping up on me and thought why not share what i have learned with you all. (hope thats ok)

My due date is 20th May with Dr. Harsha Chandraratna in Perth. My first consult with him was back in June 2015 and he was absolutely lovely. I saw that some people have had their sleeve done with him back in 08/09 so it was nice when i was trying to find out how he was on a dr/patient level. The most surprising thing I found out about him is that he himself has a sleeve!!!! He showed me before pictures of himself and while he wasn't crazy overweight it was such a relief to have a dr that actually knew what it was going to be like to have something like this done. Nothing worse then having drs tell you this and that and they don't really know (only MY opinion) he made me feel at ease and any questions I had he answered.

Now yesterday I had my appointment with my physician who is Janet Barry, she was also amazing and very informative. I said things like "well I've joined a sleeve support forum and people have said this and that" and she confirmed things and explained them in depth. So 10/10 for her.

My dietician on the other hand (won't name) was a little off. She only explained things robotically as she ticked off her check list and would have been all of 22 i THINK

Anyway I'm super dooper scared that I'm going to die on the operating table (probably my paranoia going into overdrive) but i am so ready for this and I can't wait for it to come around. I see my anaesthetist on May 5th so i hope everything goes well there too.

Well thats it for now guys, thanks for listening, well reading. Not sure what i accomplished but just wanted to share with others who I'm sure have been or hopefully are in my shoes now too :)

Love and light.
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Almost ready to sleeve.
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