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 Optifast - Soooooo Tired

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PostSubject: Re: Optifast - Soooooo Tired   Tue 01 Dec 2015, 9:58 am

Yeah, I'm there with you. I stupidly did a Bodyattack class yesterday - my back hurt the entire time even though it doesn't normally, thought I was going to pass out when getting down to do planks and was generally quite embarrassed at how crap I was. Today is even worse, didn't want to get out of bed and all I want to do is sleep.

I've discovered I like black coffee, albeit quite weak and with lots of cold water - if I'm not actually more alert at least I feel it lol.

8 days!
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PostSubject: Optifast - Soooooo Tired   Tue 01 Dec 2015, 5:32 am

Hi all,

I am 2 weeks into having to do 4 weeks of Optifast and I am soooooooooooo tired everyday! Tired to the point where I could just fall asleep at my desk. My arms and legs are also sore.

I'm finding sticking to the diet fine and I haven't cheated at all, but am just so tired, have zero energy and totally lethargic!

Did anyone else feel this bad doing Optifast?

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Optifast - Soooooo Tired
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