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 Hi from Westmead

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PostSubject: Same Dr   Thu 03 Dec 2015, 2:18 am

Hi Misttree,

I am being sleeved by Dr D on 23/1/16, can't wait, pretty excited to get underway but also nervous. I'm glad the weight has come off for you and your daughter and no excess skin! I've got to lose half my body weight around 70 kg at 36 years old so there definitely will be excess skin but I will consider it further surgery down the track if need be.
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PostSubject: Hi from Westmead   Tue 24 Nov 2015, 3:05 am

all, My daughter and I undertook this adventure together in April 2015. It was quite daunting at first and lets be honest still is. My daughter is yet to reach her goal she stalled about a month ago and nothing we do seems to kick start it. I told her I think she is still losing, but in inches instead and maybe her body is trying to catch up (luckily she has no excess skin it seems to be shrinking and stretchmarks are non-existent but I think thats a family gene cause I have none either) she has lost 30 plus kilos she has another 10 kilo to go but just cant seem to break the barrier. I reached my goal a month ago after losing 35 kilos yet I found it more difficult than her. She can eat relatively normal though smaller portions and drink whatever she likes though her preferences and tastes have changed. Me I am still only able to eat 3-4 teaspoons a meal and drinking is a chore. Whenever I eat I get a pain in my right shoulder like I am carrying the world on it and across the back where the bra strap sits .. so I remove the bra (when at home) to get relief.  I did have my gallbladder removed at the same time as it had ruptured. Anyway enough of the whinging.. I dont know if I would do it again but My doctor was and is fantastic Dr Durmush :) 
I have also found I hate protein the smell of it makes me physically sick. 


Gastric Sleeve Surgeon: Dr E Durmush, Liverpool NSW
13/02/2015 - 1st Appt with Surgeon - 94 - At my heaviest
23/03/2015 - Surgery Date - 93.5
19/11/2015 -  56kg
Goal reached 
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Hi from Westmead
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