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PostSubject: Re: Vitamins   Wed 11 Nov 2015, 7:34 am

I just ended up buying the Nature's Way Womens' multi gummie ones - they were 1/2 price at Coles !!!!! I'll switch to others I have once I can swallow biggish pills !!! I am already taking a multi now, plus a dissolvable B12, and I know my clinic gives us a B12 shot at first appt post op. Have also bought a Caltrate D & calcium to take later (although my Vit D was good at last blood test - in August) Also, all our Vit D should rise over Summer !!!! :-)

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PostSubject: Re: Vitamins   Wed 11 Nov 2015, 6:46 am

FTF I used Berroca for a while after the surgery as it was also a way to get more water in. I did water it down so that one tab was dissolved in at least 600mls. Then I switched to a regular multi, but I tend to change brands so I get a good variety.

I also take Vit D and C separately as well as Vit B12.
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PostSubject: Re: Vitamins   Wed 11 Nov 2015, 2:29 am


I was recommended the bariatric ones, but i dont think that it is a necessity. As long as you're getting some in.

As for post liquid stage, again i think its up to you but having this surgery tends to leave you low in iron, B12 and calcium. I was recommended elevit for pregnancy as that has a higher iron content, with taking a B12 supplement as well, i have another condition so i didnt need to take calcium. But i would recommend if you surgeon doesnt go to your regular GP and get bloods done to see how you're going and if you're deficient in anything.

Best of luck
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PostSubject: Vitamins   Wed 11 Nov 2015, 1:55 am

I'm hoping someone can give me some advice re vitamins. I feel a little ill informed ! I've had ONE appointment with the dietitian - which was back in August, so it's kind of a blur - and i wasn't even guaranteed to be going ahead with the surgery at that stage . The clinic I'm going through does all the appointments close together and then nothing pre op, so I 'm unsure whether I can just get my own chewable multi vitamins (like a Chemist brand) for the liquid & pureed stage, or is it imperative that I take the Bariatric Nutrition /Nutri chew branded ones ? I presume once you're on solid food, you can take any one you choose. Any thoughts ?
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