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 pre op diet

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PostSubject: Re: pre op diet   Wed 21 Oct 2015, 7:31 am

Ditto what the other girls said, and just FYI, Amcal have Optifast on sale, and if you put the code 'WOW' in at the check out, you get an extra 15% off - or, I think you can get it from their EBay shop (can't use the code) on ale, plus free delivery at the minute. Come and join our November group in the Sleevers' Monthly section , loodle - I think it will be great to support each other as we go through this around the same time
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PostSubject: Re: pre op diet   Wed 21 Oct 2015, 7:17 am

If your surgeon lists both then you can choose which one is easiest, it can't be wrong for you if he is recommending it. Don't worry about the sugar, it is a total meal replacement shake, you have to get energy somewhere. Also if you're sticking to pre op then a couple of grams of sugar in your shake is not going to cause an issue.
I've used both, but I had to do opti with my surgeon.

I love chocolate in both! I would buy the other flavours when I was doing TF but always ended up sticking with drinking the chocolate. Plus tony ferguson had a chocolate cherry and a choc macadamia.

I did eat a few of the opti bars pre op, when I was out and about I found them really handy. I don't use them now as I find them too big. Now I keep some 30g low carb protein bars, protein fx or musashi for emergency snacks.

I agree with Katey, the colder the better. When I did pre op I bought myself a Nutri Ninja Slim blender from big w in preparation for post op purée. It makes the best protein shakes!! Chuck in some ice, a sachet of Shake and a small amount of water ...voila awesome icy shake with no powdery lumpy bits. Tastes way better that way. Now that I'm post op I put half a shake, liquid multi, ice and water to make up to about 200ml, as I can't fit any more than that in at a time.
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PostSubject: Re: pre op diet   Wed 21 Oct 2015, 6:46 am

I agree with Katey.  Now's not the time to be too worried about an extra few grams of carbs.  If it's fine with the surgeon, it's fine.
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PostSubject: Re: pre op diet   Wed 21 Oct 2015, 6:33 am

Hi Loodle!

We've had some conversation around here lately on which shakes have more of what in them, etc.

In my opinion, unless you have a specific intolerance or medical issue (on top of the obesity) then don't stress over the content too much. Some people have hyper-sensitivity to sugar, some people are lactose intolerant, but at the end of the day your surgeon wouldn't recommend one with ingredients he wasn't happy with. Remember we are big people, we need SOMETHING to run on when we are dieting or we'd all be collapsing in the pre-op phase. These shakes if approved by dietitians/surgeons don't have levels of anything that will sabotage your weightloss. They're low carb, so they need a little extra something to give you fuel!

I think OptiFast is pretty common around here.. some people hate it, personally I loved the choc shakes - the colder the water, the better - and the choc bars. Never tried tony Ferguson.. Maybe get one of each and see which you like best... at the end of the day you'll stick to it if you like them and that comes down to personal taste.

Good luck!!
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PostSubject: pre op diet   Wed 21 Oct 2015, 6:16 am

Hi everyone I am booked in to get my sleeve November 27 with Victor Liew and I saw the list of shakes he has told me i can use for my pre op diet included Optifast and Tony Ferguson. Today I saw that Tony Ferguson was on special at the chemist in my very small town which means I can get the shakes without online ordering but I keep being told Opti is best because it lower in sugar but just looking at both products website that is not the case (unless i am reading it wrong) but i really don't want to drink the wrong thing so i am asking who used which brand and also which flavours did you like best?
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pre op diet
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