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 Newly Sleeved

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PostSubject: Re: Newly Sleeved   Tue 28 Jul 2015, 5:12 am

Hi chrissy,
I,m a June sleever so 6 weeks post op. Most of the June girls found like I did that we actually put on weight in hospital from all the IV fluids so it took the first week to loose the excess fluids. In week two I noticed a big weight drop and by week 3 and 4 it slowed down. Week five I went through a stall with no weight loss. 
It comes off in steps and from what I have read you will face stalls for your body and brain to catch up. Week three is often a stall week.
It is a game of patience but if you are following the guidelines it will happen.
I went on a modified opti diet for 6 weeks pre op as my surgeon wanted me 8 kilos down pre op. So I had a head start on weight loss and 6 weeks out have lost 20 kilos - two dress sizes I found out yesterday. 
It is slower coming off for those at a lower start weight and those who have had lap bands previously. My surgeon feels our genetic make up and environment ie stress etc will determine how much and how fast we loose. He says we are all unique on this journey so take your own journey so we don't feel we have failed if we don't get to the weight we expect of ourselves.
It's very early days and one day off the scales can mean a big difference. I only weigh weekly as its to emotionally draining to see the ups and stalls with no downs. 
This is the healing phase of your sleeve so just sip,sip and get your fluids in. The stages go fast and you will soon be eating small normal meals which make us feel normal again.
All the best for your recovery
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PostSubject: Newly Sleeved   Mon 27 Jul 2015, 1:15 pm

Hi all, I thought it might be time to introduce myself. My name is Chrissie and I am just over a week post sleeve. New beginnings they say, well I am not so sure yet as I have not seen much change but it could be a little premature. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Newly Sleeved
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