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 A touch of anxiety

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PostSubject: Re: A touch of anxiety    Thu 09 Jul 2015, 2:49 am

Hi Jac

I agree wholeheartedly with aussiearies, your nerves are a really good sign that you're not going into this major surgery blindly. Things can go wrong and that can't be dismissed, however, there's also lots of success stories. 

I've been very fortunate in my journey with next to no post op pain and minimal nausea. I did experience a bout of depression for a couple of weeks but that's pretty typical for me after an anesthetic. That's all resolved now and I'm full of energy and feeling great - better than I have felt in years. 

Just a quick note about the plantar fasciitis, mine completely disappeared within a couple of months of surgery. Such bliss!

Best of luck to you :-)
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PostSubject: Re: A touch of anxiety    Thu 09 Jul 2015, 2:29 am

Hi jac,    I'm a June sleever and 3 weeks out. All I can say from my experience and being a part of the June month sleeves group you are very normal with your fears and anxiety. Most surgeries are done because it's an emergency and we have a problem that needs fixing usually right now so there is no time to reflect and think it through. This surgery is elective and we take the full responsibility for making this choice so we start questioning our decision etc. I think it's also part of the responsibility and games we have played and blame s we have cursed upon ourselves because we had to get to this place with our weight in the first place. This may be stomach surgery but it also has a lot of things to fix in our mind as well. 
I felt like this a month out from surgery as I'd read and researched for  3 years. I became quite anxious after reading too much on the complications. The last month I had to talk to my self and say " I know this is best for me and my family, I've chosen the best surgeon whom I trust, I've done all the research and asked my doctor all the questions I needed to know so I need to keep positive so I can give myself the best chance to make a good recovery" I stopped looking at the complications at that point and just read the positive feed back at that point to keep me focused for my own surgery.
I was aware of what could happen but I,m very thankful I had a fantastic surgeon and aneathatist and came through with no pain and very minor nausea. I did have stomach cramps at night for first week but the medications helped that and warm teas. 
If you would like to go to the monthly pages and read our june2015 threads as each one gets close to surgery you will see they were all feeling the same way and that was why our June group got very close and supported each other very well as we were akin in what we were going through.
We had one who actually got to surgery and backed out for his own very good reasons and we were very supportive of that decision.
We had one who had surgery but couldn't be sleeved so we supported her through her rough time. 
It is a big decision and you need to get supportive people around you and your monthly sleeves page can possibly be the support you need to cheer you on and be with you in this scarey journey.
I have no regrets - this was the right decision for me.
I also know if I,d had complications I possibly would have come to regret my decision but I had no other choice but to take this road as I could not keep putting on weight and jeopardising my health for my families sake. This was the best option for getting me healthier and happier so I went to surgery settled in my mind it was right for me.
Big hugs and all the best for a great journey. It's not the easiest road but the results are wonderful and uplifting. I,m 9 weeks on my journey and lost over 18 kgms. Could never do this any other way.
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PostSubject: Re: A touch of anxiety    Wed 08 Jul 2015, 10:41 pm

Hi Jace
I know that I felt the same and even waiting for the surgery I wanted to get up and run away.

However I didn't and I am now 42 weeks out from the surgery.

I did it for medical reasons as well and weighed up the pros and cons and found that the pros won every time

If you were not nervous I would think you had not really researched this op as things can and do go wrong for a minority of people. So you need to go into this with eyes open.

Having said that I am a whole lot healthier than I was before I started this process.

Not all my medical problems have resolved but there is a great improvement and I still have a way to go to ge to my goal.
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PostSubject: A touch of anxiety    Wed 08 Jul 2015, 2:19 pm

 I'm new to this site. I'm due to have me sleeve done on the 24th of this month, can't believe it's nearly here. I know in my logic head why I'm doing this, not just for weight loss - that's the bonus. I know this will improve my blood pressure, my diabetes, my sleep apnoea, my hip pain, my swollen ankles & hands, my plantar fasciitis. My main problem at the moment is because surgery is imminent I'm starting to panic & I don't know why. I'm wondering if I am doing the right thing, this is a big deal surgery!! Has anyone felt like this before surgery, are my feelings of 'having second thoughts' quite normal. Would love to here from someone who has maybe felt the same.
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A touch of anxiety
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