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 Still "just browsing"

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PostSubject: Re: Still "just browsing"   Wed 10 Jun 2015, 10:58 am

Hello and welcome to the forum onefineday! I considered the band for all of about 2 seconds before deciding on the sleeve. After the initial settling in period, it's been a dream run and I can eat most things just in smaller amounts. Seemed much easier than the ongoing maintenance the band requires. This site is wonderfully informative and supportive so make yourself at home! Best of luck for deciding on a surgeon and getting the time off work :-)
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PostSubject: Still "just browsing"   Wed 10 Jun 2015, 10:45 am

Hi everyone,

I've only recently in the past couple of weeks since seeing my GP started to really consider WLS. Initially I thought I wanted to go with the band but now after a lot of research I am definitely all for the sleeve. I've spent the last couple of days calling around and getting info and prices from the surgeons here in Perth so now all I have to do is decide on one! Unfortunately this has come at a bad time for me as i'm back to work next week after being on maternity leave for the past 10 months. I'm hoping my boss will be understanding and let me take the time off for the surgery!
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Still "just browsing"
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