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 Jumping on Board!

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PostSubject: Re: Jumping on Board!   Fri 20 Mar 2015, 6:34 am

Hi K_Blue,

I was sleeved 2nd Feb this year and I haven't had any head hunger :)
And on the occasions when I did eat 'cos I was absolutely starving the sleeve prevented me from just inhaling it in!

At the moment I have found my intake level is about 6 prawns, not those tiny cocktail ones, but big enough to have tails.
Once sleeved your stomach will let you know when enough is enough!

What attracted me about the sleeve is not being able to eat much.
I ate healthy (apart from occasional carbohydrate binges, but never been into take aways etc), but obviously ate too much!

I have no regrets.

All the best
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Part of the furniture

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PostSubject: Re: Jumping on Board!   Fri 20 Mar 2015, 1:43 am

Hello!  Glad you've stopped is the time for questions :)

Sounds like you've done alot of research and have supportive people around you, fantastic start.  The emotional 'mental' hunger is a bitch.  Definitely something that needs constant work on (unfortunately)...but it can be done over time.

Well done on your decision, sounds like you are ready for a new change and what the sleeve will bring.

Cheers, DayleD
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PostSubject: Jumping on Board!   Fri 20 Mar 2015, 1:23 am

Hi all, 

I have been lurking around this fantastic forum for a few months now. I have my initial consultation with Dr Roy Brancatisanois next week. I only joined a health fund in December of last year so I still have a while to wait for the actual surgery but excited to get the ball rolling at least and finding out more info etc. 

I like most of you have tried every diet under the sun and while they work for a while I always fall back into old eating habits and put the weight back on. I find I no longer have a 'full' indicator and now being the biggest I've ever been in my life and feeling very overwhelmed with the amount of weight I now need to lose I just can't get my head around yet another fad diet. A friend told me about a couple of girls at her work that had had the sleeve done so I began to research it and feel it is what I need to do.

My main concern with the sleeve is physically not being able to eat much or 'mental hunger' and how I will cope with that emotionally. But at around 135kg and 44years old, I know things needs to change and am hoping once I start seeing results those feelings will fade.

So far I have told 3 of my best friends and my parents about it. My friends are as always extremely supportive about my decision and while I was worried about telling my parents, my Dad in particular, they too were/are also very supportive and understanding.

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Jumping on Board!
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