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 Band not working - want it out and would love the sleeve...

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PostSubject: Re: Band not working - want it out and would love the sleeve...   Sun 28 Dec 2014, 9:54 am

Hi nic, I can highly recommend my surgeon, Mr Aly, Darriebin Weight Loss Surgery. He is highly impressive and is one of the few go-to surgeons if someone's bariatric surgery has complications.  I know he does band to sleeve operations.  Also, and importantly, he has not only dietitians in his team, but a psychologist as well. You could even see him initially for a second opinion, which i wouldn't hesitate considering your health issues.

Good luck with it all,
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PostSubject: Band not working - want it out and would love the sleeve...   Wed 10 Dec 2014, 3:47 am

Hi there, I stumbled across this site a few months back now and have lurking around and reading diaries and stories ever since.   i am very grateful to have found it as it's confirmed time and again that the direction I would like to take is the right one.

About 6 months ago, I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis which is an inflammatory auto immune disease (the spondylitis and distal types) which is attacking my lower back, neck, hips, hands and feet.    Given this is a condition that does not show on blood tests, I have literally spent decades being treated and feeling like I am a hyperchondriac and/or completely nuts.   Finally getting a diagnosis was such a weight off (not literally unfortunately)!!  MS is potentially in the mix but still doing testing /more docs etc.  (auto-immune conditions don't like to travel alone apparently!)

Thanks for that fascinating bit of info you are saying  - well it is the reason I started doing research about having my band out and whether all this inflammation in my body could be causing all the issues with my band...   Like most people who have detailed issues with the band, one day I can eat a slice of toast with an egg if I want to and the next day, fluid is coming back up.  It is only my fault I had the band in the first place - I did little research and didn't even know about the sleeve.   My surgeon only discussed the band and I compliantly followed along.   I knew some foods would be an issue but this is ridiculous!   And I am so sick of having to throw up (esp in public toilets!! - disgusting doesn't come close enough!!)  My daughter is young enough not to figure out what's going on at the moment but Mummy having to vommie up my dinner all the time and only eat runny foods isn't the best example I could set.    I thought for a long time I'd just put up with it but have reached the point that I really don't think I can anymore and would rather have no tool but just go it alone.  I also discovered that inflammatory conditions and the lap band are contra-indicated.  I have to take a bucket load of meds now and if I throw up, I have no idea whether they've been ingested, NSAIDS cause my stomach to swell even when taking with nexium and food and when I do get something stuck (nearly every day no matter how long I chew) I have no idea whether the meds have been ingested or not..  the sleeve is the only surgery that is suitable for psoriatic arthritis and most AI conditions according to alot of sources.  Aside from all the issues, I have started to put weight back on thanks to some of the meds and tightening the band again (currently empty) isn't really an possibility.  Nasty liitle circle - more weight, more pain, more meds needed....

When I raised the subject with my surgeon of converting to sleeve, he shut my down and scheduled me for a gastroscope - which I didn't mind as I thought there actually might be a problem.  There isn't (I can't imagine how that's possible but anyhoo...)  now he wants me to see the dietician to make the lapband work as it must be all my fault.  

I am going to have another go and trying to put my case forward but I'm not convinced he will agree to remove it and sleeve me. 

I was wondering if anyone else has heard of anything similar or had similar issues with surgeons?   I'm in central Melbourne.  If mine doesn't come to the party I am going to be looking elsewhere and am thinking of trying to see Ian Michell just cause he has a great rep but know alot of doctors don't necessarily like to remove other surgeon's bands.  I have to wait for PHI to kick in (didn't notice the change in July last year when my health fund dropped it from my cover) so have plenty of time on my hands to sort it anyway.  

Sorry for the long ramble and thanks for reading!

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Band not working - want it out and would love the sleeve...
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