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 Gastric sleeve vs mini gastric bypass

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PostSubject: Re: Gastric sleeve vs mini gastric bypass   Thu 23 Oct 2014, 5:46 pm

Probably best you use the search button on his name as there has been some recent negative feedback regarding him and that is is news that is is doing bypass - must be something new he is venturing into.  I think Little Miss C used him?  As well as some others and they will give you very honest feedback.

I had a failed sleeve (it kinked over) and was saved by a different surgeon.  Unfortunately I think he was too cautious and made the entrance too big so no food was staying inside me so I was constantly hungry, stuffing my face, absorbing all the calories then 20 mins later it was all out the other end.  Because I had been so sick for so long with everything I dropped down to 60kg.  In 2 months I went back saying I've put on 15kg, I'm hungry all the time and I have to literally race to the loo or there will be accident and he refused to look at me until I hit 90kg which would of only been a few hellish weeks away.

But I found another surgeon is was fantastic but he understood me better then I knew myself.  I look at food and I gain weight and have no self control so he did the revision bypass with the minimiser band so if my bypass relaxed in a few years, all I need is a port top.  I can honest say it feels nothing like that horrid lapband as I had that horrid thing too.  He is Perth based and he listens to you, not tell you off or make you feel like you should be grateful you lost a few kgs.  He was you to be happy and he isn't money hungry either.  I had my gallstones out with no cost I've had gastroscopies with no cost and he is available out of normal work hours, on the weekends, he will have you admitted and the racing around actioning his orders.  He is fair but kind.  The nurses all respect him and if the nurses hate a Dr they WILL tell you lol.

Good luck in your decision but the only advice I can offer, after seeing 5 surgeons and I will only recommend 1, buy it's each to their own :-)
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PostSubject: Gastric sleeve vs mini gastric bypass   Wed 22 Oct 2014, 8:32 am

Hi all, I am new
My name is Courtney I have just tuned 24 and have a lovely little boy who is 13 weeks old today. I am from Bunbury Wa and have just had an appt with Dr. Werapitiya today. He has given me the option to have the normal gastric sleeve of the mini gastric bypass, I have spent the afternoon reading up and watching videos of both procedures, I would like to know if any of you have had the mini bypass, what were your results like?
I have PCOS and am currently 123.7kg and am 170cms tall. He said my BMI is over 40 and recommended the mini bypass as it helps with diabetes (which i do not currently have but had when pregnant) 

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me
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Gastric sleeve vs mini gastric bypass
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