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 super newbie intro

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PostSubject: Re: super newbie intro   Mon 29 Sep 2014, 3:22 am

Waiting 12 months was tough. Really really tough. But so worth it. I spent the time researching, reading, learning and understanding more about the surgery and about myself. It gave me a chance to really accept the challenges that would lie ahead and to be super ready when the time came. Now that it is all done and dusted I am glad I waited. Accessing my super even for the amount I was out of pocket has played havok on my tax for the year - if I had taken more it would've been much worse. My PHI covered about 13k all up.. which is astounding.

Also - as the lovely WondaWendy mentioned you only need to have held the policy for 12 months, have you just taken it out, or just decided you want a sleeve?!

What ever you decide I wish you all the luck in the world. I had an amazing surgeon Mr Geoffrey Draper here in Melbourne, But I am certain you will be able to find someone closer to home to take great care of you.

All the very best,

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PostSubject: Re: super newbie intro   Mon 29 Sep 2014, 1:46 am

Hi Lauren,
Welcome! I was in your exact position about 3 months ago. I had read a lot of information and watched a lot of YouTube videos and knew the surgery was for me. I just wanted it then and there. I'm am lucky as I am in a good financial situation where I could also pay for the surgery without being in any debt. I than started to research the complications that can happen. I also thought they are pretty good odds. I then started to email some of the people on this website and asked about why their surgery had complications. I thought maybe they were older or have major health issues that contributed to this.. I was wrong. While it is very small percentage of people who have issues with surgery it could be anyone. I spoke to someone about the same age (late 20s) and weight (115kgs) with no major health issues before surgery. She was off work for 3 months and the hospital bill was about $100,000. I have decided to wait the 12 months for my PHI to kick in for peace of mind. And it really does fly. I wanted a particular surgery and he does not operate without PHI which was another reason I am waiting. It is of course everyone's individual choice but I do recommend you read and even speak to some of the people on here about the complications they had with their surgery so you have all the info before you make your decision. 
Best of luck 
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PostSubject: Re: super newbie intro   Sun 28 Sep 2014, 2:18 am

Hi Lauren. 

Welcome from a fellow newbie!

For what it's worth, I'm self funded just waiting on early release of superannuation. I'm on a pension so no way could I afford PHI.  If the super doesn't come off, my sister is going to loan me the money and I'll be in debt to her for the rest of my life!!

My surgery date is 16 October and I can't wait to see what the future holds - finally. Have felt so helpless and hopeless for so long, it's amazing to actually believe that something might work for me.

Best of luck with whichever way you decide to go
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PostSubject: Re: super newbie intro   Sat 27 Sep 2014, 10:33 pm

Hi Lauren

Welcome!  We are all in a similar situation here with long-term obesity, yo-yo weight loss/gain, so you are in the right place for support. I agree that you will find a great surgeon in Sydney if you read through the Surgeons section and/or ask in there for recommendations.

I'm an advocate for the 12 month wait. As Dayle said, if you have PHI why not use it? But also, for me at least, that 12mths was a great time for me to do more research, become fully informed about the pros and cons, the risks of surgery, what could go wrong, and also to be inspired and motivated by all the success stories. It was also a good time for me to work on why I ate and get my head in the right space for managing that post-op. I read and read until I felt as informed as I could be, did my self-analysis and then just got on with life, checking in to the forums now and then to keep up the motivation. Youtube is also a good resource to hear/see people's stories.

So here I am at almost two weeks post-op and feeling fantastic with 16.9kgs down since going on the pre-op diet. Best thing I ever did!
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PostSubject: Re: super newbie intro   Sat 27 Sep 2014, 9:20 pm

Hey Lauren, welcome aboard. I'm a little confused when you say you already have private health care but there is a 12 month wait. I started to assume you have only just taken out the cover, but just to clarify (and sorry if I'm just stating a too obvious fact) I wanted to check that you do realise the 12 month is FROM when you initially took out that cover and not from when you decide to have the surgery? For example, I took out cover last Sept --> decided at Easter this year to get the sleeve--> my wait was therefore from April to Sept (5 months).

Anyway, I wish you best of luck finding the right surgeon and planning your surgery - if you decide to go self funded, bear in mind that some surgeons will not do it that way and insist on PHI. I looked into both self funding or superannuation release - even 5 months felt too long at the start, but in the end, the time actually goes faster than you think and you become a member of a valuable forum, wrap your head around things, do some research, learn from others experiences and plan yourself really well.

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PostSubject: Re: super newbie intro   Sat 27 Sep 2014, 12:51 pm

Hey Lauren, welcome to the forum!!  Such a great place to get information and advice.

My first you want to go to Melbourne or Canberra for a specific reason?  Because there are good and reputable surgeons in Sydney too.

Secondly, most people on here will recommend waiting the 12 month PHI.  Personally I think if you have it, use it.  If you have any complications, need to be in ICU at all, or need to stay extra hospital nights, it's definitely worth having PHI.  I didn't have PHI because I'm an award wage receptionist on minimal pay and simply cannot afford premiums, therefore I went self funded.  I paid $6,990 for the surgeon/surgery and his team (dietician/bariatrician/clinic doctors/psyche etc), then $1,000 for anaesthesist and $1,000 for 3 nights in hospital, so all up $9,000.  Another way of funding would be accessing super for medical reasons.

I would recommend having a look through the surgeon threads for Sydney side doctors and have a read up, also there are many PHI threads talking about peoples experiences.  I know alot of people join this forum when they still have their 12 month waits to go and use it as an opportunity to research and understand the ins and outs of surgery.

Whatever you decide, I wish you the very best of luck.  I'm sure to see you around the forum here and there.

Cheers, DayleD
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PostSubject: super newbie intro   Sat 27 Sep 2014, 12:23 pm

Hello. I find this rather overwhelming... my name is lauren. Im 30 years old and have been "morbidly obese" since I was a child.. this is the first time ive ever written it down and referred to myself as morbidly obese. Ive been in denial about my size for years. Finally im tipping the scales at 125kg and I have had enough of the self concious.. shy.. hiding in all black clothing.. while I have tried every diet under the sun I find I keep slipping into old habits.. for every 7 kilos I lose.. I put 10 kilos on... im sure others can relate. I have done some research and think I would like to go ahead with a gastric sleeve. There is alot of info that is very confusing on the net and hope to get some guidance here. I live in nsw however am happy to travel to melbourne for the right gp /surgeon.. can anyone recommend a reputable surgeon in melbourne or canberra? I am thinking of being self funded also (I have private health insurance but have a 12 month waiting period).. are their any tips or advice I need to know if being self funded or should I wait the 12 months??
Thanks for taking the time to read my intro, im grateful for any advice you may have for me.
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super newbie intro
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