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 Newbie from Perth sleeved August 11,2014

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PostSubject: Re: Newbie from Perth sleeved August 11,2014   Tue 02 Sep 2014, 6:10 am

Hiya Margaret.. it's all pretty overwhelming isn't it? I had a lot of troubles with foods during the transition stages, there certainly wasn't much in the way of appetising foods. I tended to stick to soups, and I'd whizz up mashed potato and pumpkin with some white fish, and pop them in some very small containers that I picked up from Woolies. I pretty much lived on that for the puree and mushy stages, nothing else appealed to me at all.
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PostSubject: Make it Easy   Tue 02 Sep 2014, 12:21 am

Margaret do what lots of other people are doing and buy pre maid foods and mash them up or puree them, there are a host of tasty things out there already for you.
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PostSubject: Newbie from Perth sleeved August 11,2014   Mon 01 Sep 2014, 6:20 pm

I  have not heard anybody comment on having an endoscopy prior to being sleeved, but my surgeon does one routinely as part of his work-up to check for a hiatus hernia. He stated that if a hiatus hernia was already present it would only get worse after the gastric sleeve. As it turned out I had a 5cm hernia which was repaired at the same time as the sleeve was conducted. I'm happy with the surgeon, but I had it done at SJOG Murdoch and the nursing staff were atrocious,no help from them. I had a long stay at Hollywood 18 months ago after falling off a horse and having multiple pelvic fractures. Hollywood was really excellent, far better than SJOG Murdoch.
Anyway my reflux got better after surgery, having had the hernia repair done concurrently.
I had no nausea or vomiting at all postsurgery, and my son stopped at the bottleshop on the way home from the hospital because we used to enjoy the occasional bottle of Rekottterlig cider and he seemed to think this classified as a fluid, and would stir it up in a glass to flatten it, which he did. I had one sip and it tasted so awful, that put a stop to my son's merrymaking.
I tolerated the nourishing fluids well, but getting the protein up and not the calories is a challenge.
Now I'm supposed to be on purees, but I just havent been enthused by puree. I had some scrambled eggs which went down ok. other than that I havent eaten anything,now 3 weeks post op. We have a dozen chooks and have about 6 dozen free range eggs in the fridge, so that seemed logical to start with.
I came to this forum looking for ideas for puree, but the recipes are all involved with multiple ingredients and I am so not a chef. I decided a protein shake was easier. The scales have moved a little, but I think I am in for a long slow ride.
I joined a gym saying I could only do cardio, and no weights or strength training for 6 weeks and they gave me a program (I am completely unfit and  have done no exercise for years) of 1 hour of cardio including 20 minutes of power walking, 20 minutes on the bike and 20 minutes on the stepping machine thing.
I thought, thats not going to happen. 10 minutes on the bike was my limit, forget the other 50 minutes. Some tizzy blonde in a gym has no idea what its like to try to cart around 100kg!!
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Newbie from Perth sleeved August 11,2014
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