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 Hello from Texas

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PostSubject: Re: Hello from Texas   Wed 02 Jul 2014, 7:00 am

Hi Tina,

I find this forum very supportive and full of good info but if you wanted a Facebook one with more USA members you could try Sassy Sleevers ( although I have found it can be a bit more bitchy at times). 

I did have asthma pre having the Sleeve, it started when I was about 30yrs old. Mostly made worse by cold air. I have not used my puffer/inhaler since the Sleeve operation. Previously anaesthetics used to make my asthma play up in the recovery ward so I would make sure to have my puffer handy. I don't know about when I was Sleeved 
because I can't remember the Recovery Ward at all but the nurses didn't mention anything so I must have been Ok. I had my Gall bladder out in March and even that did not trigger an attack. Also it is the middle of winter here and usually my asthma would have been at it's worst but so far not a single cough or wheeze. Added bonus is I am off my blood pressure tablets as well. If you click on the Search button on the top of this page and type in asthma you might find some more answers. Good luck with your journey.

cheers Nini
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PostSubject: Re: Hello from Texas   Tue 01 Jul 2014, 11:35 pm

Hello Tina

Well Texas is quite a way from here but thats fine I am in Sydney I thought there may be some other support sites in the US there we had two people from NY that were done in my month last year May 2013 and they both went fine.  Haven't seen them on here in some time but thats kind of normal people tend to fade away from site after they start to go well in there weight loss journey.  I think the side effects aren't maybe as bad as you think they are mostly the sort of thing that happens when you don't follow the program as close as you should.  Like the eating and drinking rule no drink 1/2hr before or after food or sipping drink for the first couple of months not gulping it down remembering to eat tiny amounts and chewing food really well.  All of those things if not followed closely will lead to discomfort reflux and possible vomiting. 

The operation itself well its an individual thing as far as pain or discomfort I had very limited pain none really only used the pain relief to get sleep as I don't sleep so well.  The wind pain after can be bothersome but it passes pretty quick especially if you try to move about as much as possible I was able to walk around within hours.  The food or liquid diet can become boring but hey its only for a couple of weeks so no biggy.

I can't answer the asthma thing don't have it but I have lost high blood pressure and reflux I would imagine the asthma would depend on your trigger.  If you get it from exercise then there will be improvement as you lose weight exercise will become so much easier and won't stress the breathing as much the weight off the chest must help.

Good luck with your journey and remember wherever you are we all go through the same things so help will be available on site at any time just the time difference may be a problem.
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PostSubject: Hello from Texas   Tue 01 Jul 2014, 10:15 pm

I am working with a Doctor from Dallas, insurance approval and all that fun stuff, I am getting the sleeve and have been watching YouTube and now I am a bit more nervous listening to all the side effects such. I was so excited before watching ... hubby suggested I find a support group.

One thing I am not finding online is asthma, has anyone had / has asthma and what changes did you have... sorry if this is not the place to ask these questions, where should I go ?

Thanks everyone
Tina in Texas
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Hello from Texas
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