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 New Melbourne Guy

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PostSubject: Re: New Melbourne Guy   Sun 18 May 2014, 10:39 pm

  Welcome Chris, 

I'm from Melbourne's sth east too!! My surgery is in 31 days (I have one of those countdown apps) I'm so excited!! I was going the bypass path but since reading both forums have decided on the sleeve. 
Any questions am happy to help. 

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PostSubject: Re: New Melbourne Guy   Tue 01 Apr 2014, 8:04 am

Hiya Chris, nice to see another Melbournite here! I'm on the Peninsula

The get togethers I have been to are brilliant, but be prepared. I have only ever seen one male at a get together that I've been to, once. Haven't seen him since.
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PostSubject: Re: New Melbourne Guy   Tue 01 Apr 2014, 7:31 am

Welcome Chris, good luck with your journey, asks lots of questions and have a look around this site, it's a wealth of experience.
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PostSubject: Re: New Melbourne Guy   Tue 01 Apr 2014, 6:36 am

Welcom to the forum Chris.
I'm sure you will find it very informative as there are quite a few here  who have gone from band to sleeve.
Best of luck. J.
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PostSubject: New Melbourne Guy   Tue 01 Apr 2014, 6:04 am

Hi I am Chris, a male 54 from Melbourne, I had the lapband surgery about 4 years ago and had lost about 38kgs (was 153kgs), but recently due to reflux etc. had the band loosened and have started to put weight back on (currently around 125kgs). My surgeon (Stephen Blamey) recommended the Gastric Sleeve. The process for me will be to have the band removed then wait 10 weeks for the gastric sleeve. Not sure of my dates as Surgeon will get back to me as I teach at Uni and have a few travel commitments this year, so have to squeeze it in between commitments. Looking forward to participating and perhaps meeting people in my area to discuss issues etc. (am in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne)

Have not had sleeve surgery yet - probably August 2014, not sure how to change the date in the profile side
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New Melbourne Guy
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